NETTING MACHINE ST-110, ST-150, ST-200, ST-300

Our automatic netting machine weaves a tubular net of elastic thread or hemp

around the product. The netted product is kept under a constant vertical and horizontal compression, thus increasing product-maturing quality.

Our netting machines, available in three versions, that is ST 110, 150, 200 and 300, are composed of two main elements:

a The netting machine itself, equipped with fixed wheels and casters and complete with brakes.

b The conveyor belt for product exit, assembled on a frame in tubing metal, is equipped with fixed wheels and casters and complete with brakes.

During machine operation, the two elements have to be kept assembled. The two machine units are assembled by means of a keeper plate and two locking knobs, this operation requires no longer than 60 seconds. This possibility has been designed to enable machine end users to store the machine in reduced spaces after use.

To download brochure: Netting Machine ST 110 – ST 150 – ST 200 – ST 300
Mod. ST-110 | 150 | 200 | 300

Mod. ST-110 | 150 | 200 | 300

Rotore di legatura

Netting rotor

Oblò per controllo visivo

Window for visual control

Pomoli di fissaggio del nastro trasportatore

Conveyor belt
locking knobs

Nastro trasportatore

Gas spring in
stainless steel

Sistemi di sicurezza: Elettroserratura temporizzata e sensore di sicurezza codificato

Safety devices:
Timed electric lock

Motoriduttore con inverter per rotore

Rotor speed reducer
equipped with
frequency converter

Speed regulation device

Speed regulation device

Selettore comando rotore

Rotor control

Luce a Led IP 67

Led light IP 67

Molla a gas in acciaio inox

Gas spring in
stainless steel


Additional service platform

Spago elastico bobina tripla - doppia - semplice

Elastic thread
triple reel – double – single

Bobina spago canapa bianco e marrone

Hemp thread
(white or brown)

Examples of processed products
Bresaola semplice

Simple Bresaola

Bresaola doppia

Duble Bresaola

Fiocco (Prosciutto)








Machine technical data:

– Continuous automatic netting machine for products to be seasoned/matured such as:

salamis, pork neck salamis, bacon and Italian filleted pancetta coppata, loins, simple and

double bresaole, speck and hams

– Totally built in stainless steel and non-toxic plastic materials

– Production speed: 12/18 pieces/minute (by a product length of 500 mm)

– Timed electric lock for the opening of the rotor cover

– Possibility to change rotor and conveyor belt speed by means of potentiometers

– Speed reducer equipped with frequency converter HP 2 IP 66, to adjust rotor speed

– Speed reducer equipped with frequency converter HP 0,75 IP 66, to adjust conveyor belt speed

– The series speed reducers are of the vectorial type, electric supply: 380 V

– Max. absorbed power: 2,2 KW

– Machine overall dimensions: Length: 3400 mm – Height: 1198 mm – Width: 880 mm

– Total weight: KG 520

ST-110: ST-150 : ST-200 : ST-300:
Product diameter: 45-105 mm 70-140 mm 90-190 mm 130-290 mm

Netting possibilities:

(Number of needles)

4/6/8/12 6/8/12 6/8/12 9/12/18

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