Modular conveyor belt

Like all the machines designed by SALA TECHNOLOGY, also our modular conveying belt has been conceived to adapt to our customers’ specific requirements and built in respect of the current regulations of workplace safety and hygiene.
Completely built in stainless steel (AISI 304) and non-toxic materials, the conveying belt of SALA TECHNOLOGY is equipped with a protection grid that prevents the operator to access the area underneath the belt when operating. An embedded cleaning system enables thorough sanitation of the conveying belt, thus reducing ordinary maintenance time.
The modular conveying belt has a dual control and can be produced up to a maximum length of 5,800 mm in one single block.
Min. width of the belt multiples: 75 mm
Max. length: 1,950 mm

The Machine

Modular conveyor belt

Modular conveyor belt

Modular conveyor belt

Modular conveyor belt

Modular conveyor belt

Encased gear box

Modular conveyor belt

Modular conveyor belt

Push-button panel

Modular conveyor belt

Embedded cleaning system

Modular conveyor belt

Gear box IP 67 with stainless steel hub and anti-corrosion treatment


• Adjustable height
• Total weight of the product to be transported: approximately 450 Kg

• User-friendly

• Easy maintenance.

Machine technical data

• Stainless steel tubular construction of 3mm thickness

• The belt speed can be adjusted by means of an appropriate selector

• Safety grid to protect the operator’s hands

• Dual control

• Switch box in AISI 304 IP 67

• Encased motor and gear motors

• Control panel: operating, stop and emergency stop

• Embedded cleaning system for thorough sanitation of the conveying belt

• Modular belt in blue C POM

• Gearbox and motor equipped with drive shaft and hub completely in stainless steel

• Epoxy painting, specific for the food industry

• Overall dimensions: depending on belt length and width

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