Automatic Clipping Machine ST-CTA 800
with casing-tensioning device

This special clipping machine, equipped with a casing-tensioning device, has been conceived to keep filled product (such as bacon, back bacon, bresaole, cured pork neck, loins and small loins as well as Milanese type salamis) compressed both in natural casings and in synthetic casings (fibrous, fibran, cutisin, naturin, etc.). This machine can also be used to keep filled products compressed in elastic or stiff cotton nets. The most important characteristic of this machine is the possibility for the end user to choose, by means of a manual selector, the automatic or the half-automatic operation mode. In the automatic operation modality the operator can preset the desired production working speed, which the machine will keep constant for the whole production time, thus ensuring production batch consistency. In the half-automatic operation mode the operator can manually adjust the processing speed and the compression degree of each single product making this operation mode particularly suitable for the processing of special products.

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The Machine:

ST-CTA 800

ST-CTA 800

ST-CTA 800

ST-CTA 800

Pivoting unit of the casing tensioning device

Pivoting unit of the
casing tensioning

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– Appreciable processing speed reduction

– l Consistent product compression

– l By removing all the air from the filled products, our machine improves the quality of the products to be seasoned.

Wide consumption articles:

Clips in bars (series 800)
Art. 843/848/854
Clips from reel (series 800)
Art. 843/848/854
Machine technical data:

– Overall machine dimensions: Length 1050 mm – Width 640 mm – Height 1750 mm.

– Machine structure and work- top completely in stainless steel AISI 304

– Pneumatic system protected IP 66

– Outer pneumatic cylinders in stainless steel according to DIN-ISO 15552

– Working pressure: 7 bar

– Emergency stop push button

– Selector for half-automatic – automatic operation mode

– Reset push button

– Pressure reducer to modify filled product compression

– Max. working speed (up to 16 pieces a minute)

– Compression cylinder stroke: 200 mm

– Max. filled product compression in Kg: 219

– Usable clips: Series 800

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